Some of the Science behind the extreme durability of a Modscene Planter

Some of the Science behind the extreme durability of a Modscene Planter

What makes a Modscene Planter so Durable?

A Modscene Planter is no ordinary planter. Years of development, science and testing have gone in behind the scenes to ensure that a Modscene planter is one of the toughest, most durable planters on the planet!

In the following article we cover some of the points as to why our planters are incredibly enduring.

Raw Materials:

A great product always starts with great raw materials. Materials that are proven scientifically to be durable, impact resistant, and UV Stabilized are first and foremost when selecting raw materials for a Modscene Planter.

Modscenes carefully selects the absolute best in raw materials from proven suppliers within Australia and New New Zealand.

Polymer Testing

Above Image: Modscene Raw Materials being tested in a laboratory. 

Colour Fastness:       

It is important when developing outdoor products to have a great level of colourfastness.

Modscenes high quality polymers for Rotationally Moulded products are engineered to survive and thrive in the NZ and Australasian environment – known for their harsh UV and environmental conditions.

Our polymers are compounded and ground so Modscene will achieve the highest quality products and homogenous colours through-out every finished product. During this process in the mill our polymers are coloured throughout which ensures complete penetration of colour throughout the products.

Modscene demand polymers with high UV stabilization, good impact strength and toughness. Specifically, all material supplied to Modscene are manufactured with colour pigments that are high on the Blue Wool Scale of colour fastness. They are 7 or 8 on the scale with 8 being the highest possible rating. In simple language this means that all Modscene planters are extremely resistant to fading and have the highest possible colour retention that is possible.

Wikipedia describes the Blue Wool Scale here –

Colour Penetration compared to Painted Products: 

All Modscene products are made from polymer that is completely colour penetrated. This carefully milled polymer helps create a product that has colour the entire way through each product. Using these special methods means that if a planter is scraped or chipped you will find the same colour on the inside as the outside meaning that these imperfections aren't as noticeable. 

Over against this a painted or coated surface will show the base colour when scratched or chipped causing an ugly imperfection and ruining the product.   

With all that in mind a Modscene planter has the following qualities:

  • UV Stabilized for Australian and NZ Conditions. 
  • Blue Wool Scale of 7-8. 8 being the best you can get. 
  • Extreme durability even in the harshest environments.
  • Extreme colour durability.
  • Impact Resistant. 
  • Scientifically tested to ensure longevity.  

When you buy a Modscene planter you buy quality for life! 


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