About Modscene

Modscene is a family-owned business passionate about quality products that make a statement in landscape spaces.

Stemming from a family history of rotational moulding, Modscene was born when our founder was searching for high-quality luxury planters. "We wanted something unique and different that stood out and made a statement, and we wanted it to be of exceptional quality." Modscene now offers that to all homeowners and designers alike.

Our History

It all began in 1995 when the previous generation(grandad) developed a successful rotational moulding business. An original product of this business was a basic square planter. We still have one of these planters at Modscene, and it is still non-perished and strong some 28 years on!

Modscene follows on from a family history of rotational moulding. It's in our blood, and we are delighted to make some of Australasia's finest planters, proven for generations.

Our Mission

To Innovate and develop products that make a statement. To beautify landscapes. To create enjoyment.


Tim Miller

Tim is a co-owner at Modscene and looks after our sales and marketing departments. Customer care is Tim's speciality. He often answers client enquiries at all hours of the day or night and loves discussing Modscene.

Vanessa Miller

Vanessa's true happy place is behind the lens, and she looks after Modscene's photography department. She loves to travel and visit many of our amazing projects all over the country, capturing the beauty of Modscene in images.

Brian Miller

Brian is Co-Owner at Modscene and CFO. He also looks after Modscenes R & D and company sustainability.  

  • Trustworthy, genuine & caring!

    We are a team with strong, genuine morals, doing the right things even when nobody notices. We listen and provide valuable advice through experience, resulting in the best possible outcome for needs and requirements. We care for all.

  • Own the vision, make it yours!

    Our actions say it all. They show we believe in the product, company and people. It gives meaning and guarantees quality, passion, and produces excellence.

  • Achieving excellence & believing in better!

    We are always striving to achieve excellence. We continually innovate & improve to achieve customer delight and satisfaction.

  • Consistently evolving to keep ahead!

    We constantly change to keep ahead through innovation, development and continuous improvement.

  • Listening earns respect!

    Listening to our team and customers is important to us. By listening to you, we get product inspiration, new design ideas, and the opportunity to be a better supplier.

  • Teamwork!

    Our team includes our workforce, our clients and our suppliers. Each of these relationships is important to our success. Empowering our team members, listening to our clients, and working with our suppliers achieves more!